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Hello everyone,

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I love shoes, they have a big contribution in our lives. They protect us from different types of conditions. They provide us with a special and adorable support and comfort. They give us a beautiful final look as we dress up to go to different occasions.  They also protect us from different types of sickness and diseases.


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Comfort is freedom, comfort is love. Comfortable things provides you a pleasant feeling, your mind, and your body will be at ease. This is the best feeling anyone need or desire every day.


I love and enjoy to wear comfortable shoes.   I always encourage men and women to wear comfortable shoes and look their best especially when they are getting out of their houses to go to school, church, wedding, bank, shopping  etc…. at any given time.  You do not know what will happen.

“The day I will never forget !”

One day I had to attend a conference meeting and I was wearing shoes that were not comfortable.  I only had them on for less than an hour and my feet were sore and my toes had blisters. I was very close to walk bear foot  in the midst of more than five thousand people.  I had to leave the conference few hours before it ended. I missed my opportunity to meet people and make connections.  Since that day I advise men and women to always find shoes that are comfortable. You will be able to walk with confidence and you will be happy.

Best comfortable shoes can take you to most important places.

Please if you need any advice on which type of shoes to wear at any event, or you have a question, or a comment feel free to drop it below the page .  I will be very happy to hear from you. If you find anything helpful on this site do not hesitate to share..



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4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hei Azali
    nice simple site with beautiful staff , more so that am shoe maniac,
    im so much in love with them and will come back to you shortly,

    1. Thank you Maggie Isaac,
      Shoes are best. They contribute to our beauty in a massive way.
      Please feel free to view the site at any time.

      Thank you.

  2. Great to hear about you. Great site!

    1. It was a lifetime experience and I am happy to share that with the world.
      It is not good to miss our opportunities out of our negligence.

      Thank you

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