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                     Brogue shoes
brongue shoe

This shoe is one of my favorite shoes. It has a lot of value and dignity behind it. A shoe of old and new days, that has seen all things. It has a lot of history.  It is a shoe that has been in existence for quite a very long  time.

Brogue shoes are the one of the best of men’s dress  shoes . It  has the best comfort and  the most support. A shoe that provides a real reason to  wear it. It is designed in different ways and styled in many ways.  It is made out of quality calf leather, suede, and canvas. They are also made out of a certain type of coated leather that has a glossy and shining finish. This shoe  gives a man much support and comfort while wearing them. They are now manufactured in many areas around the world, mostly common in the Uk, Scotland, Ireland, and in the United State of America. The most common designs are full brogue, ghillie brogue, quarter brogue and long wing brogue.

 Full brogue shoe 

Full brogue is also known as wingtips shoe.  It has a pointed toe cap patterns with extensions that run along both sides of the shoe.  It has brogue that ie extended towards with a nice pointing curve on both sides of the shoe. It is called wingtips shoe for it has brogue designs that look similar to a bird with extended wings.

Price- $84.99 to $315

Best place to buy here

My ratings – 9.5/10

Handmade Mens Premium Black Leather Brogue Goodyear Welt ShoesHandmade Mens Luxurious Leather Brogue Goodyear Welt Shoes Brown










Semi Brogue

Semi Brogue is also known as half brogue. It has a toe cap designs with decorations  that runs along the cap and at the center of the shoe  cap. Patterns extend from the front and end on both sides of the shoe near the heel. The patterns or brogues continue from the right side of the heel  extending around the heel to the left side.

Price- $75.99 to 79.99

Best place to buy here

My ratings- 9.99/10

  • Leather
  • Genuine Leather
  • Rubber sole
  • Soft and wear-resisting, with good elasticity and tension, comfortable breathe freely
  • Excellent durability
  • Designed to Complete any Casual or Dress Look.

Black Patent Leather Brogues Fashionable Formal Mens Grooms Shoes








Quarter Brogue Shoe 

Quarter brogue has cap toe with decorations that go across the cap. Unlike other brogue, shoe  types quarter brogue does not have decorations on in the centre of the shoe cap. They have fewer decorations on them, but at the same time, they give a man a powerful, strong and handsome look. Are you looking for a special shoe for a special occasion? This shoe is the best, they provide you with much love, power, support, comfort, and strength. Made out of leather and lined with leather insole, with a stiff strong sole.

Price- $89.90 to $150

Best place to buy –here

My ratings- 9.99 /10

  • Leather                                                                                  
  • Calfskin                                                                                     
  • Calfskin Leather
  • Wingtip Oxford in Blue
  • Brogue Detailing
  • Hand Bulit Arentine Leather Sole
  • Fully leather lined with full leather insole

quarter brogue sh


quarter brogue 3








  Long Wing Brogue Shoe 

Long Wing brogue has a pointed toe cap with patterns or brogues that are extended all over the shoe around the heel. It also has patterns in the centre of the toe cap. You can wear this shoes for formality or casual, wear them with your favourite dress suit, with jeans, or shorts. They are shoes that give a man a lot of options.

Cost- $38.97 to $139.00

Best place to purchase here

My ratings- 9/10

  • cow leather
  • Handsome brogue accent. Non-padded collar. Wing tip. Casual & Dressy. Also available in Black and Blue.
  • Goodyear welt construction design. Elegantly double stitched for extra durability and Heel lifts for shoes dress style elevator height increasing shoes footwear
  • Heel height: 1″. Shaft height: 4 1/2″.
  • Weight: 14 oz. *Based on 7.5 US. Actual weight varies.*

Long wing brogue sh

Long wing brogue 1








Ghillie  brogue

Ghillie brogue is a special type of brogue that has no tongue. It has a long lace that goes around the leg. It is commonly identified as a part of  Scottish traditional attire for special social occasions. This shoe has been used as part of traditional attire for centuries in Scotland.  They have been manufacturers in Scotland that are still making this shoe even to this day, to fulfil their culture needs. It is a shoe that made out of pure leather with a unique design on top. It has a hard sole with a soft bed added on top to provide the wearer with proper support. Culture is very important, it is wise to keep it alive and pass it to the next generation. Culture helps to mould the and guide the people behaviour. Ghillie brogue is very special. They have been carried along with patience and love.

Cost – $50.99

Best place to purchase – here

My ratings – 8/10

  • Ghillie brogues are a must have part of the modern highland outfit.
  • The kilt shoes real 100% genuine leather.
  • Including traditional style laces which tie around the calves.


ghillie sh

ghillie brogue 1







Why purchasing brogue shoe?

Brogues are shoes that are designed and manufactured with passion and love. They are designed to provide best comfort and support to the wearer. It mostly made out of real leather material. It is a shoe in real style for real gentlemen, who enjoys and love the finer things in his life. The men who value and appreciate the crafts.

Brogue shoe has been around for centuries, for this shoe to be still appreciated and valued to this day,  shows the quality and the comfort that it provides the wearer. It is very comfortable and supportive while walking.

This is a shoe that you can wear in different occasions. In weddings with a handy black, white or grey suit.  You can wear brogue shoes with slacks for work or business meetings. They are also shoes that are suitable for casual occasions with jeans.

How nice will it be for each man to have few or couple of brogue shoes in his closet!  These shoes make life easier , enjoyable, supportive and comfortable. They provide men with an extensive power and internal love .

I love brogue shoes for they have all that every man is looking for in shoes. This is the best time to have your own brogue shoes in your nice closet.

If you have a foot odor, please try to use foot powder for it will keep your foot dry for a very long time. Just sprinkle between your toes and on the bottom of your foot. Foot sense powder is the best because it has a natural smell.





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3 thoughts on “Men shoe/ review

  1. These are the best dress shoes for men. They are great shoes that you can wear in different occasions and fanctions. You can use them for special occasions or casual.

    I really like them.

  2. I really like the shoes you highlighted above. Great job.

    1. Those shoes are great, they are made out of leather, with a very strong sole.
      They are shoes that have a unique history, especially in Scotland.

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