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Reviews  on the Beauty  and the comfort of Shoes

Shoes are the most thing that contributes to our daily lives. They provide us with protection,  comfort,  and support.

While Purchasing Shoes

The important thing  to know before buying any shoe is the type of  the foot you have. Between your  heel and your forefoot , the is  a part that called an  Arch. This is a formation of tarsal and metatarsal  bones that are strengthened  by tendons and ligaments to allow our foot to be able to support our body  weight.

They are three types of the foot  arch. Normal   foot arch,  flat foot arch, and high foot arch. If you wear a shoe that is not designed for  your foot arch it may cause injuries  on feet and also you can end up having a hip problem. It is always best to try to find most comfortable and supportive shoes.

 Are you looking for comfortable  shoes to wear?

Where does your feet belong?

Normal foot Arch  – 

These are some of the best heels for normal arch,

Price range from $15.99 to $45.00

The best and cheap place to buy Amazon

My rating is 9/10

Average review 4/5

Heels that are recommended on a normal arch,    The following shoes are examples of shoes that can fit this category.

normal heel1











Most of the time  high heels with a high forefront platform on normal foot fits the best for they  do not stretch your arch, instead they give you a proper and comfortable support. All these shoes are available on amazon.

High foot arch    

The examples of shoes that can feet the best,

These shoes range from $14  to $150 ,

Best place to buy Amazon

My ratings- 9/10


high heel arch









You may consider buying an insole just in case you end up purchasing a different foot arch.  This is for the best comfort for your feet.  You can use it in different shoes if they do not fit proper.

cost- $ 6.98

Best place to buy Amazon

My ratings – 9/10



Insole 2







Dress shoes for men are  shoes that are manufactured in different parts of the world.  These are shoes that  mostly fit all types of arches in men,  This is because they are few men with a high arch foot compare and those with a high arch they are advised to fit in an insole to give them better comfort and support.

Best price range from $22.99- $120

Best place to buy- Amazon

My ratings- 8/10

Men dress shoe 12











Men’s shoes  are shoes that give you hope, comfort, and strength.  The are shoes that are specially used in different culture.  They are valued and respected shoes.


 These are shoes that are manufactured to  provide you with an extra reliever from wearing closed shoes . They are a shoe that shows the beauty of your feet.  We consider them to be a summer shoe, the time for foot freedom. When winter comes most people they rarely see their feet.

Price range from $21.50 to $135

Best place to buy- Amazon

My ratings-  8/10

men sandals 1


sandals women











Buying a shoe is the best thing you can do for yourself.  They provide us with the best comfort and support anyone will ever desire. They protect us against tough conditions , weather, aginst diseases and illnesses.

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6 thoughts on “Men & Women Reviews

  1. Great line of shoes.

    1. These shoes are the best, they provide you with good comfort and support.

  2. You are very knowledgeable about footwear. I have a low arch but am not flat footed. When I have bought footwear I have always gone for comfort, price, and how it feels when I walk. I don’t accept any slippage as that will create problems.
    I did a lot of walking on my job and needed comfort and support. I walked on metal surfaces with some altitude and needed a good grip.
    I like your piece on sandals for men as I wear them most of the time in the summer now that I am retired. I like the fact that your feet can breathe and it prevents odor and fungus.
    Do you have any recommendations for preventing odor and foot fungus?


    1. Hello Marty,

      It is true that sandals helps to prevent odor, but they also help your foot muscles to relax. The easy and better way to prevent odor is to use foot powder and avoid wearing closed shoes for a very long time. But if you have to wear closed shoes, foot powder will be the best for it keeps your foot dry for a long time

  3. That is a great selection of shoes you have got there!

    This reminded me that I actually need to look for a new pair of business shoes as the ones I currently wear are around 2 years old and completely disgusting haha.

    Do you have any suggestions for mens business shoes in the $100-$130 price range?

    1. Hello Mark,

      Brogue shoes are the best dress shoes for men. Please see this link

      Thank you.

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