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Tips on Choosing a High Heel Shoe

What Most People Think About  High Heels

90px-nicky_hilton_in_studded_christian_louboutin_02Most women like to way heels but there’s  a big problem that every one of them faces. You can agree with me that when a women wear a per of a heeled shoe she look different than when she is wearing flat shoes. Heels give women a certain precious look that no man can avoid. This shoe  brings out the beautiful romantic shape of women. All the curves  and shapes come out that shows how much  beautiful a woman is!

Heels are  sexy, fun, enjoyable, pretty and comfortable.  You just have to know how to find the properly heeled shoe that will give you all the comfort and Support. Yes! Yes! and Yes,  a high heel shoe can cause damage to your foot. The reason why?.The Beauty of Heels


Most women have had this questions;


  • Why do my feet hats all the time when  I wear high heels?
  • Why can’t I find a comfortable heel shoe?
  • Why can’t I walk straight while wearing heels?
  • I can not work for long hours while wearing heels!
  • My toes hate the moment I put on heels!
  •  I feel like I am going to fall as soon as I wear heels!

red shoeThey are much more questions that you will hear women asking about heels. The first this you have to know is the structure of your foot. You can not build a house by starting with the roof.  First, you have to lay a foundation, then you will form a structure that will be supported by the laid foundation. Then you will be able to build a comfortable and well-supported house.

It is the same way with your foot,  you  have to first consider the type of a foot  arch you have before you can think of buying any kind of footwear. All  of the above questions,  there answers start with you by knowing the type of a foot  arch you have.

Why does my foot hates when I wear heels? – It is because you choose a  high heel shoe that does not fit your foot arch.

Why Can”t I find comfortable heels?- You may have chosen a wrong heel.

Why can’t I walk straight while wearing high heeled shoes? – Wrong shoes! If a shoe does not fit your foot arch you will be unstable, uncomfortable, and if you are experiencing these things, You will be unable to walk properly.

I can’t work for long hours while wearing heels! Yes, you can, it only takes you to understand what kind of a foot you have. If a heel fit your foot arch properly, you can work for very long hours without having any problems. You have to know what types of heels you can wear while working for long hours. Some of us enjoy wearing heels while working for they give you confidence, support, and motivation. High heel shoe is the only type of footwear that you can hear a person walking from a long distance. They announce your presence before you even arrive where you are going. And this makes it easier for other people around you to be alert.


 What Should I Do To Find A Comfortable High Heel?


Below are few tips that you can do to help you find your best, comfortable and supportive high heel shoe.

  1. Know your foot arch!
  2. What type of high heel are you looking for? Is it an open heel or closed high heel?
  3. Where are you going to wear this heel?
  4. How long do you have to wear this heel?
  5. What color?
  6. What type of material this shoe should be?
  7. What length of a bottom heel I am looking for?


The BestIf you will be able to answer this few questions you will definitely find you best comfortable high heel shoe. You will enjoy wearing that heel.

Your shoes should be the protector of your foot. They are not supposed to be a danger to your foot. And this can be determined by you. There’s an old riddle that state,  “whatever your shoe was unable to bear, your feet will not survive it. ( cha kanga sangu, tende ka chi wolji).” And it is very true.


My experience and advice 

Men and woman, boys and girls, young and old I age you to always wear shoes for your own benefit , healthy and comfort. Avoid wearing  uncomfortable shoes for it may harm your feet. It can also cause ingrown nail. Try to find shoes that has good orthpedic and good orthotic. These are part of a shoe where it is designed to straighten, improve, support and comfort your feet. The shoe that nicely fits you well. “Read my Story”

Avoid walking barefoot , it can cause podoconiosis also known as noufilarial elephantiasis ( the swelling of the leg).

Please if you need any advice on which type of shoes to wear at any event, or you have a question, question or a comment free to drop it below the page .  I will be very happy to hear from you.


12 thoughts on “Tips on Choosing a High Heel Shoe

  1. I didn’t realise that walking barefoot could cause swelling of the legs. Shoes are not only important for your health then but also can be a fashion statement.

    1. Hello Owain,
      It is very true, shoes are very important. Walking barefoot you will just putting your self in different kind of danger. Your foot can get stubbed or cut and also disposed to different types of bacteria’s.

      Thank you for your comment.

      Looking forward to see you again.


  2. very nice indeed. shoes are of great importance in our lives even though it was never seen when we were growing. Happy feet can take you miles.

    1. Hello Mercy,

      That is very very true, I like that, indeed happy feet can take you miles.

      Thank you for dropping a comment.

  3. Great post! I agree that shoes are very important to the health of our feet and legs! I was once told that if people spent more on good shoes, they would spend much less on doctor bills later in life. Great information!!

    1. Hello Emily,

      Very true, they are for our comfort and prootection.

      Thank you for the comment,

  4. They protect us from different ailments, be it be infections, colds,the scotching heat, rough surfaces,thorns, e.t.c……… They just give care and protection just like a mother to a baby.

    1. Hello Dorcus Shamukuni,

      I agree with you 100%, They protect us from so many things. They have so much contribution
      to our lives.
      Thank you for your comments,


  5. This is so wonderful.these shoes are so powerful.

    1. Hello Bishop,

      Yes, they are really powerful.

      Thank you.

  6. I just feel confident in a good pair of shoes. This is good name sake, educating us on the importance of wearing shoes and not just shoes but good comfortable ones and the right type.

    1. Shoes play a big role in our lifes. It is very important to know which one to buy and for what.

      Thank you for dropping a comment.

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